22 New Things to Try in Bed Tonight

This guide offers 22 novel things to try in bed. Whether you experiment with just one, ten, or all 22, you and your partner are bound to have a delightful time.

  1. Roleplay

If you and your partner enjoy swapping roles in the bedroom, you may want to take it a step further and play as completely different people. Here are some fun ideas to try:

  • Massage therapist and client
  • Doctor and patient
  • Doctor and nurse
  • Professor and student
  • Boss and employee

Once you and your partner get the hang of it, you might consider more "out there" role-playing fantasies. Keep an open mind, as some of the following ideas might pique your interest:

  • Amnesia sufferer
  • Vampire and victim
  • Body swappers
  • Werewolves

Role-playing allows you to pretend to be a new person. This can be exhilarating and enjoyable, especially if you're used to living by social norms.

  1. Give Him a Lap Dance

Over time, your foreplay routine can become predictable and lose its spark. Why not add some excitement with a lap dance?

At first, you may feel self-conscious about giving your partner a lap dance. It can be nerve-wracking to be in the spotlight and feel silly putting on a show. However, I can assure you that any man would appreciate their partner dancing seductively and wearing lingerie just for them.

You don't need to have a complicated routine. Simply put on some lingerie, play a sexy song, and move your body to the beat. You and your partner will have a great time as you bounce and grind together.

  1. Switch Roles

Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Try switching up your usual roles! You don't have to fully commit to a dom/sub dynamic, but it can be fun to take turns being in charge.

If your partner is usually the one initiating sex and taking control, surprise them by taking the lead for once. And if you're the one who typically takes charge, communicate to your partner that you'd like them to switch roles for the night. Make sure to clearly outline your expectations so you both have a memorable and satisfying experience.

  1. Find Her G-Spot

Have you heard of the "mythical" g-spot? Well, it's not a myth after all! In fact, the g-spot is part of the internal clitoris, located near the vaginal opening just above the entrance. When stimulated, it can lead to intense pleasure and powerful orgasms.

To locate the g-spot, make sure you or your partner are comfortable. Insert one or two fingers into the vagina and bend them slightly at the first knuckles. You should feel a slightly firmer area than the surrounding tissue. Once you've found it, move your fingers in a "come hither" motion. In order to accurately find her g-spot, you can use a g-spot vibrator - a realistic dildo vibrator vaginal toys.


For even more pleasure, try combining g-spot stimulation with other types of stimulation like clitoral or nipple play. Give it a try and experience the ultimate in sexual satisfaction!

  1. Try New Positions

If you're looking to add some excitement to your sex life, trying out new positions is a great way to start. With so many positions to choose from, you're bound to find something that you and your partner enjoy. If you like cowgirl, why not give reverse cowgirl a try? And if you prefer more intimate positions like missionary, you might enjoy trying the horny mantis or facing spoon positions.

Don't limit yourself to just the typical penis-in-vagina positions. Explore new oral, anal, and mutual masturbation positions to expand your repertoire.

  1. Talk Dirty

Words can have a significant impact on intimacy and passion. Dirty talk is a great way to communicate with your partner and share your feelings and desires in a special, intimate way.

If you're self-conscious about dirty talk, you can start with texts and voice messages to your partner. As you become more comfortable, you can incorporate it into your foreplay or during sex.

Don't know what to say? There are plenty of choices, ranging from mildly suggestive to downright naughty. Start with what you're comfortable with and let your dirty talk evolve naturally as you become more attuned to your partner's reactions and responses.

  1. Masturbate Together

Mutual masturbation is a playful way to get intimate with your partner without engaging in penetrative sex. It can also be a great way to initiate foreplay and build up sexual tension before joining together for a passionate finale. To make it even more exciting, try using your hands, kissing, or incorporating sex toys into the mix.

  1. Get Rough

If you're not into full-on BDSM or bondage, don't worry - you can still have fun with a bit of rough play with your partner. However, it's crucial to communicate with your partner about what rough play means to both of you.

Discuss what kind of activities fall under the umbrella of rough play. Is it light restraint or some light choking? Maybe it's incorporating spanking during foreplay or sex?

Remember, it's important to start slowly and gradually work your way up. Who knows, you may even find yourself exploring BDSM and enjoying it! Just ensure that you and your partner are clear about your boundaries and limits, so you can both have a safe and enjoyable experience.

  1. Try Bondage

While BDSM may not be everyone's cup of tea, you can still explore bondage with your partner for some exciting new experiences. You don't have to go all out with elaborate restraints and intense pain to enjoy the thrill of being tied up.

Thankfully, many sex shops now offer beginner-friendly bondage gear like ropes, ties, handcuffs, spreader bars, and blindfolds. You can even ask an experienced worker for advice on which items to try.

If you're new to bondage, start with easy-to-use items such as handcuffs, a blindfold, and a spreader bar. These items are not only safe but also easy to remove quickly should your partner become uncomfortable. There are countless fun ways to incorporate them into your intimate sessions for added excitement. Just remember to communicate with your partner and set clear boundaries before starting.

  1. Shop for Lingerie Together

Wearing sexy lingerie can be a fun way to surprise and delight your partner. But have you considered taking them with you on your next shopping trip? Lingerie shopping together can be a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your partner's tastes and preferences.

You can make it even more exciting by turning it into a game. Ask your partner to pick out three options while you choose three as well, and then have them vote on their favorite. It's a fun way to show off your body and make your partner feel involved in the process.

  1. Fulfill a Sexual Fantasy

Are there things you want to try with your partner but you’re worried they’ll judge you or find you weird? Sexual fantasies can be part of a fulfilling sex life in a healthy and loving relationship. A sexual fantasy can be anything from roleplay to bondage to kink-like foot fetishism. Although you may feel ashamed of your fantasy, it’s important to communicate it to your partner. Sharing such an intimate secret can open your relationship to a whole new level of intimacy.

Not sure how to start the conversation? Ask your partner about their sexual fantasy. This can lead to a natural conversation, and you might be surprised to learn that you share the same desires!

  1. Be Open to Anal

Many people still view anal play as taboo. However, anal stimulation can bring new levels of pleasure to you and your partner. Whether you are male or female, anal play can include anal fingering, butt plugs, vibrators, and dildos. If you are concerned about pain or discomfort, there are even "training" kits available that can gradually increase your tolerance for penetration.

Are you worried about the "mess" associated with anal play? While not necessary, you can use anal douches to give you a sense of cleanliness. You and your partner can have fun exploring the various options of anal play, including prostate stimulation as mentioned above.

  1. Try Edging

Edging involves bringing yourself or your partner to the brink of orgasm and then backing off to increase the intensity of pleasure when you finally reach climax. It takes practice to perfect the timing, but even "failed" attempts can be enjoyable.

You can try edging through masturbation or with your partner using your fingers, tongue, or sex toys. Mutual edging can also be an exciting experience.

Remember, the goal isn't to deny pleasure forever, but to build it up to an explosive release. With patience and practice, you and your partner can enjoy this thrilling technique.

Which new activity are you and your partner most excited to try tonight?

  1. Give (or Get) a Foot Job

While hand jobs can be a fun way to be intimate with your partner, trying something new can be exciting and bring a new level of pleasure to your sex life. One way to change things up is by exploring foot jobs, which involve using your feet to stimulate your partner's penis. While it may take some practice to get the coordination right, it can become a new favorite way of stimulation for both you and your partner.

Note that if you have a foot fetish, there are also platforms available for buying and selling sexy feet pictures and videos, but it's important to make sure any such activities are legal and consensual.

  1. Snap a Sexy Shot

A provocative or risqué photo may have been something you sent to your partner early on in your relationship. However, a sexy snapshot can still be just as tantalizing now as it was then.

Use your phone to capture an image of yourself in your favorite lingerie or snap a teasing shot of your breasts or genitals. Alternatively, consider booking a boudoir photo shoot with a professional photographer as a confidence boost and a beautiful gift for your partner.

A photo is an excellent way to build anticipation for the pleasure that's to come!

  1. Stimulate His Prostate

Prostate play can be a sensitive topic for many men, as anal play has often been stigmatized as emasculating. However, prostate stimulation can provide a highly pleasurable experience, and I highly recommend trying it with your partner.

There are two ways to stimulate the prostate: externally and internally. To externally stimulate the prostate, massage the perineum (the area between the genitals and anus) until you feel a slightly fleshy area. To internally stimulate the prostate, gently insert your finger into the anus and hook it forward towards the genitals.

You can use your fingers, a dildo, or a prostate massager sex toy for this experience, and your partner is sure to enjoy the explosive orgasm that comes with prostate stimulation.

  1. Play a Sex Game

Sex doesn't always have to be serious. In fact, sex games can be a playful and enjoyable way to increase passion, build trust, and deepen intimacy between you and your partner. And let's be honest, they're just plain fun!

There are countless sex games to choose from, so finding one that you both enjoy shouldn't be a problem. Some options include Strip Questions, Would You Rather?, Monkey See, Monkey Do, Name That Letter, and The Orgasm Race. These games range from playful word games to full-body experiences, allowing you to explore new ways to pleasure each other.

The best part is that most sex games don't require any new sex toys or items, so you can play them anywhere and anytime. So why not spice things up with a fun and exciting sex game?

  1. Play with Toys

Some couples view using toys during partner play as a sign of failure, but that couldn't be further from the truth. While your partner can certainly please you without toys, adding them to the mix can easily bring pleasure to the next level.

The most common toys for bedroom play include vibrators and dildos. There are plenty of options for both men and women, including g-spot vibrators or prostate stimulators, nipple clamps, clitoral vibrators, and even various sex dolls. These toys can be used to stimulate you in new ways while your partner focuses on other areas.

Imagine the heights of pleasure you and your partner can reach with the addition of sex toys. You can experience the fun of sex toys combined with the usual pleasure of penetration, creating a whole new level of sexual satisfaction.

  1. Experiment with Lube

Using lube during sexual intercourse is important and can enhance pleasure for both you and your partner. However, with so many different types of lubricants available, it's worth experimenting to find the one that works best for you.

Common types of lube include water-based, silicone-based, oil-based, and hybrid. It's important to note that each type of lube is best suited for different sexual activities. For vaginal and anal intercourse as well as squirting, water-based and silicone-based lubes are great options. Silicone-based lube is particularly ideal for masturbation or fingering due to its slickness and longevity. When it comes to sex toys, water-based lube is the safest choice. Oil-based lube is only recommended for massages since it can cause infections if used internally.

Aside from different lube bases, there are also many options when it comes to flavors and sensations, such as hot and cold or tingling. So, don't be afraid to explore and find your perfect lube!

  1. Try a New Location

If you find yourself having sex in the same place and position repeatedly, it may become monotonous. A simple way to add excitement to your sex life is to try a new location, whether it's in your home or outside of it.

Your home has numerous options to offer such as the shower, living room couch, dining table, and kitchen floor. Sit with your partner and jot down all the new places you can have sex in your home. Then, have fun exploring each spot on the list in the next few days.

If you're up for it, you can also think of new locations outside of your home. A hotel room, a hot tub, or the front seat of your car can be exhilarating. Remember, the higher the risk, the greater the pleasure.

  1. Use a Blindfold

Adding anticipation is an easy way to spice things up in the bedroom. One way to do this is by having your partner wear a blindfold. By blocking out sight, your partner's other senses become more heightened, making every touch more electrifying. It can also help both of you to be more open to trying new things. When sight is taken away, self-consciousness may disappear as well.

  1. Have Phone Sex

Phone sex is not just for teenagers or long-distance couples. It can be a way for you and your partner to connect in a new and exciting way. Whether your partner is in the next room or in a hotel room miles away, you can talk about what you want to do to each other, what you're doing to yourself, and what you'd like them to do to you. While you can finish on the phone, meeting up for an explosive finish is also an option.


For an extra thrill, try roleplaying as a phone sex operator and caller. You may feel bolder and more adventurous when pretending to be strangers.