Anal Dildos: Everything You Need To Know 1

Have you ever been to a sex toy store - either online or in real life - and noticed anal dildos being sold? These stylish, colorful sex toys stand out from other dildos for their unusual designs, quirky shapes, and exotic-sounding names.

If you want to learn more about these fascinating sex toys, you are in the right place! This article will teach you all about anal dildos and show you how to use them for maximum pleasure!

There are many good reasons to be curious about anal dildos. They can help enhance solo anal play by letting you get more out of masturbation! They're also ideal for cooperative sex, giving you some new tricks to spice up your bedroom or break up your stale routine!

In this article, I'll take you through the wide variety of anal dildos currently on the market and show you how to get the most out of them. I'll share my best tips and advice for using them and teach you the most amazing positions and techniques you can use tonight...and see some incredible results!

What are anal dildos?

An anal dildo is a special type of dildo designed for anal penetration. Most dildos designed for anal are smaller than traditional dildos and have flared bases to prevent the dildo from going too far into the anal canal for comfort and safety. Anal dildos differ from butt plugs in that they are designed to move in and out actively, whereas butt plugs are designed to slide into the anal canal and stay in place.

Types of anal dildos explained

Anal dildos come in many colors, shapes and sizes. They can be silicone, jelly, plastic, glass, metal, or wood. To help clear up your confusion, here are the main types you should know.

Standard-sized dildos

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Standard-sized dildos are perfect for people with some experience in butt play. They are usually penis-shaped and feature a tapered tip to make insertion easier. Nonrepresentational dildos usually have a slight curve while realistic ones mimic the same size and shape as real penises. They can be worn on a strap-on harness, making them perfect for pegging!

Starter dildos

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Starter dildos are typically made from soft silicone and have a tip diameter of just one inch or less – perfect for anal debutantes! Nonrepresentational starter dildos usually have a slight curve and a wide base meaning they can be mounted on a strap-on harness. Representational models are penis-shaped with ribs and veins that can help add new sensations to any butt play session!

Glass dildos

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Glass dildos make anal play sinfully easy and have a wide range of features that are sure to excite anyone’s back door! Most glass dildos feature curves, swirls, and other textures on the main shaft to provide some prostate stimulation for men and A-spot stimulation for women. As glass naturally retains heat and cold, glass dildos are easy to heat up or cool down for some exciting spine-tingling thrills!

Wearable dildos

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Wearable dildos are a specific type of dildo that is designed to be mounted on a strap-on harness (or on a penis) to provide anal penetration. Wearable dildos that loop around the shaft are great for guys who want to give their partner the thrill of double penetration during P-in-V (penis in vagina) sex!

Gyrating dildos

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Although anal dildos are generally non-vibrating, some battery-powered dildos offer an exciting gyrating and thrusting action that will drive you wild!

Double dildos

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As the name suggests, double dildos have penis-shaped heads on both ends – perfect for women who want to explore double penetration during solo play and for couples who wish to explore simultaneous backdoor action!

Inflatable dildos

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For those who want to push their limits, this type of dildo comes with a hand pump to increase the girth of the dildo once inserted.

Monster dildos

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For men and women who are more experienced with anal sex toys, there are ‘monster dildos’ that are far larger than the average dildo – certainly NOT for the faint of heart!