Anal Dildos: Everything You Need To Know 3

Step 1. Relax And Pamper Yourself
To put yourself in the right frame of mind and help your body relax, I recommend taking a hot dip or a hot bath in the tub. Use a scented soap or body wash to help relieve muscle tension and brush away cobwebs. A soothing bath or shower will help your body relax while keeping it as clean as possible.

Step 2. Clean Your Toy
You should clean and disinfect dildos before and after use. You can use traditional methods such as sex toy cleaner or warm soapy water. You can also wash dildos (like glass and metal models) in the dishwasher or a pot of boiling water after use. Even if you cleaned the toy after the last use, I still recommend cleaning it before use to prevent it from picking up any dirt or bacteria while in storage.

Step 3. Consider Hygiene
Despite what you may have heard, you don't need to give yourself an enema before playing with an anal dildo. Poop is stored in the upper intestine, not the anal canal, so you shouldn't have any nasty surprises when you start anal play. Taking a bath or shower and drying yourself properly is ideal, but using an antibacterial cloth or wet wipes may be a good option.

Having said that, many people like to use an anal douche to clean themselves before starting anal play.

Here's what to do if this is something you might be interested in. After a bath or shower, simply fill the anal douche with saline or warm water, lubricate the tip with your favorite lube, sit on the toilet and insert it into your buttocks. Gently squeeze the bulb to push the water into the anus, hold for a moment, and then release it into the toilet. Repeat this process a few times until the water is clear.

Step 4. Lube Up

Before you start using a dildo, you should apply a generous amount of lube to and around the anus. Most couples apply lube during foreplay and incorporate it into activities like anal fingering.

If you don't want to worry about getting lube on your hands or sheets, you might want to try a lube spray.

This clever tool has a thin neck so you can easily and comfortably inject lube into the anal canal. It also helps your anal muscles relax and prepare you for an anal dildo.

3 ways to warm up before using an anal dildo

Once you're clean, relaxed, and well lubricated, with a dildo in hand, you can't wait to start pushing! But slow down! Anal play with a dildo requires attention and attention; warming up is very important! Here's my easy 3-step guide to get you pain-free!

1. Start Small
The key to warming up is to start as small as possible and work your way up. A few steps you take during the prep phase (like using an anal douche or lube sprayer) should help! Both the douche and shooter have incredibly slender tips that slide into your butt with just a little lube. This helps your anal muscles relax and gives you time to get used to the feeling of having something in your buttocks before you start using a dildo.

2. Try Anal Fingering

If you plan to use a dildo in co-op, I recommend starting with anal fingering. Fingering can help your anal muscles relax before you try to accommodate a dildo.

If your partner is female or has a vagina, you can easily incorporate anal fingering into foreplay activities like cunnilingus - it will feel great!

3. Use A Butt Plug
If you don't like anal fingering, you can try a small butt plug that tapers to a very narrow tip. A butt plug slips in easier than a dildo and helps your muscles relax. For solo play, try placing the dildo on the floor or against a wall until you feel your muscles relax. If you're using a dildo in co-op, try letting your partner use the dildo in your favorite position until you're friendly and relaxed.