Do lubricants have side effects on the body?

Maybe most people don't know about human body lubricants and even reject them. In fact, human body lubricants are specially designed for the human body and have a wide range of applicability and safety. With the development of society, many people have gradually received body lubricants. The following will introduce to you how to use lubricants in sexual life and whether they are harmful to the body.

A good human body lubricant not only increases the lubricating effect, enhances sexual pleasure, makes sexual life more harmonious, and enhances the relationship between husband and wife; it also reduces skin damage and reduces the chance of bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms eroding the human body; effective Minimize condom breakage and reduce the chance of unintended pregnancy.


1. Types of lubricants

1.1 Water-based

Most body surfaces are accepted because it is made of water and fiber. It tends to lose its effectiveness after drying but regains its effect after hydration. Therefore, it is often used as a sexual intercourse lubricant. 

  • Advantage:

1.1.1 More natural: The acidity and viscosity are exactly the same as those of human secretions, and will not damage the weak acid environment of the female vagina.
1.1.2 More hygienic: It is easy to clean after the event, not greasy and non-allergenic. You don’t even need to clean it, especially after the event, and the lubricating fluid will evaporate on its own after a while.
1.1.3 Safer: The water-soluble lubricant will not change the latex molecular structure of the condom, and can be used with condoms and sex toys of any material at the same time!

  • Disadvantages:

Unfortunately, water-based lubricants are not perfect. Although they are very tender, the lubrication time is short, and they are easily volatile.

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1.2 Oil-based

Does not react with body fluids because it is made of mineral oil, so the effect is long-lasting. But it's hard to clean. Usually used in medicine. Oil-based lubricants can impair the effectiveness of condoms, and it is very easy for lubricants to remain on the surface of the body to increase the risk of bacterial infection. It has now been eliminated from the market.

1.3 Silicon-containing class

A mixture of silicon and oil. It is easy to react with substances containing silicon, such as silica gel. It is more slippery than water-based lubricants and has a relatively long lubricating effect. It is currently the best underwater lubricant and anal sex lubricant. Moreover, the cost of silicon-based lubricants is higher than that of water-soluble lubricants.

  • Advantage:

1.3.1 The lubrication time is long and it is not easy to volatilize. It is very suitable for use in the backcourt with less secretion.
1.3.2 Silicone lotion is insoluble in water, it can eliminate the dryness caused by water. If you like to have sex in the bathroom or swimming pool, then the silicone-based lubricant is the best choice.
1.3.3 It can be used together with hard rubber sex toys such as condoms.

  • Disadvantages: It is easy to react with silicon substances, do not use it with silicone toys at the same time. Not for oral sex.

2. Scope of application

It is suitable for auxiliary lubrication when medical devices enter the human body in clinical examinations in hospitals. It is also suitable for people of all ages who suffer from vaginal dryness: such as middle-aged and elderly women after menopause and some young women due to vaginal dryness caused by childbearing, breastfeeding, emotional stress, oral contraceptives and strenuous exercise, etc.

3. Matters needing attention

The product is a chemical preparation and cannot be taken orally or used in the eyes; it is only a lubrication aid and has no contraceptive effect. Please keep this product out of the reach of children.

4. Body Lubricant Benefits

Many people believe that sex is the glue of a couple's relationship, repairing differences and conflicts in their daily lives. But it also has an expiry day. For example, under the influence of age, psychological pressure, hormones, etc., women's vaginal secretions will be in a situation "in short supply", and the result is more pain than pleasure.

There has been insufficient vaginal lubrication during sex, and the lack of lubrication is due to insufficient sexual excitement in women. Forcible sex by the man due to insufficient fluid secretion has become one of the main culprits affecting the quality of marriage. And older women often resist sex because of pain. The vaginal mucosa of the vagina of the elderly is thin, and the elastic tissue in the vagina is reduced. During sex, the vaginal mucosa and blood vessels may be damaged, allowing bacteria to invade.

In addition, the sexual function of menopausal women may be affected, such as decreased estrogen levels, possible degeneration of reproductive organs, especially female genital atrophy, poor vaginal elasticity and lubrication, and reduced and delayed secretions.

Like all precision instruments, a woman's "private parts" need to be lubricated from time to time. The private parts of young women are drenched like a sponge with water, and the private parts of middle-aged women are like a dry cork. Using a body lubricant can make intercourse easier if you or your partner has a dry vagina.

However, the time when body lubricants show their greatest effect is during masturbation. A small drop of lubricant can lubricate the intimate area and can evoke a highly erotic experience. At the same time, it can also be used to eliminate the discomfort of sex for the first time or sex after a long interval. It can also be used by couples having sex while in the bath, as the lubricant can eliminate the dryness caused by the water.

5. Do body lubricants have side effects?

The best results are obtained only with the use of dedicated body lubricants, and there are no side effects such as residues. As long as the special lubricant is used correctly, there are no side effects generally. When you buy, you should choose simple ingredients, colorless and odorless. Water-soluble and silicone resins are preferred.

6. How to use body lubricant?

Here are some tips for you to give you the easiest way to use it.

1. Pour out about a millimeter of lubricating fluid on your fingers, rub it for a few seconds to make it the same temperature as your body temperature, and then evenly spread it on the sex toy or penis;
2. If you use a massage stick or dildo, you should rub the head and the middle, and other parts with a stimulating effect should also be coated with lubricating fluid;
3. If a man uses a masturbation cup, he should apply lubricating fluid on the inlet edge and inner side of the masturbation cup. If injected directly, the lubricating fluid may flow out from the small hole at the end of the masturbation sleeve. Therefore, the amount should not be too much, and you can increase the amount at any time in the middle of use;
4. If you or your toy starts to dry up, add lubricant immediately.