How to Charge The Original Rose Toy

Don't worry. We've got you covered with a step-by-step guide on how to charge your rose toy. By following these straightforward instructions, we're confident that you'll be able to resolve almost all charging problems with your rose sex toy.

How to charge the toy

To charge your rose vibrator, simply connect the USB head of the charging cable to a power source like your computer or power bank. Then, align the two charging pins on the bottom of the toy with the pins on the round charging base. You'll know it's charging when the indicator light flashes, and it takes around 60 minutes to fully charge.

Rose Toy Charger

The charging port is usually located on the side of the rose's body, making it easy to see if the pins are aligned correctly. Remember to ensure that the positive and negative magnetic pins on the charger are aligned with the rose toy's charging port to ensure a successful charge.


Why is my rose toy not charging?

Make sure that the magnetic charging base or cable pins are securely connected to the rose toy's pins. If it is not connected well, please adjust it by hand to connect.


Once the charging base or cable is properly connected, the indicator light should flash, indicating that the device is charging. If the light doesn't flash, there may be some dust or debris on the metal pins. What you need to do is to clean them and connect them again.


Durable as the rose toy is, it is possible that the battery or motor may be damaged. If you find that your toys have trouble in charging, please kindly contact us to help you solve the problem.


Why do we use a magnetic charger

The magnetic charging cable provides a quick and easy way to connect and disconnect the charger, which is more secure than the traditional one.


  • It extends the charging port's longevity. By eliminating the need to constantly plug in and out, the magnetic charging port prevents scratches and damage from occurring.
  • Rose vibrators can be used in water because the magnetic charging solution provides excellent sealing. In addition to improving the rose toy's waterproof properties, it is also easier to clean.

The magnetic charging cable is designed to convey large currents ranging from 5A to 30A, allowing for quick charging and data transfer.