How to unlock ten orgasms of women?

Those with beautiful faces, sexy bodies, and warm souls. People who seem to be perfect can still experience betrayal by their partners. The reason is that the partner's "needs" are not well met.

A male fan confided to us: My girlfriend seems to have a crush on someone else. I think I'm doing well, why is my girlfriend still dissatisfied? 

You did a great job, but she still wants to leave you. It turns out that there is a problem with intimacy, and this is not just about good looks and warmth.

In modern society, men and women have specific pursuits to satisfy their needs. Sexual disharmony and asexuality are often the deadly poisons of intimacy. So, what does it take to have a harmonious and passionate relationship?

Some men believe that: time will satisfy her; being handsome will make her fascinated; greeting her will make her satisfied...

At the same time, some women believe that: dressing sexy can make him crazy; acting like a baby can make him protective; being virtuous and beautiful can grab a man's heart...

However, some elements of disharmony may have already planted dangerous seeds in a seemingly beautiful relationship.

The key to having and maintaining a passionate, joyful relationship is to “elevate your sex quotient.” Compared with "intelligence quotient" and "emotional quotient", "sexual quotient" may be unfamiliar to most people, so what exactly is "sexual quotient"?

In short, the sex quotient is the factor that determines our ability to deal with sexual intercourse and intimacy.
Specifically, the category of sexual quotient includes our sexual attractiveness, our ability to get out of a single relationship, our ability to bring pleasure to the other person when we are in love, and our ability to resolve sexual dissonance.

It can be said that the sex quotient determines our chances of getting off the single and the pleasure of sex. Perel, an expert on international marriage and love, believes that a high sexual quotient strengthens the sexual experience and makes sex more exciting, pleasurable and unforgettable.

Men with high sexual quotient not only exude infinite charm but also satisfy their partners in bed and in life. Women with high sexual quotient will not worry about being abandoned by men, and they can have various orgasms in their sexual life.

If you are always hitting a wall in intimacy, and if you have difficulty having sex that satisfies you and your significant other, then you should really pay attention to how to improve your "sex quotient".

So how to improve your sex quotient, subscribe to us. The next issue will reveal the detailed method for you.