How to Use Rose Toy in Bathtub or Shower

The bathtub is not only a great place to relax, but it is also a great spot to have sex. Rose toys might provide us with additional satisfaction, so just bring them with you and have a try in the bathtub. You will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The sound of running water can drown out the vibration of the rose toy, so you don't have to worry about who's at the door when you're having fun. Hot water can relieve stress, relax tired nerves, make you more relaxed and energized, and reduce anxiety about work. Rose toys will please you and relax your body during orgasm. Furthermore, using the rose toy underwater will enhance your orgasm and allow you to explore different types of multi-simulation and find the most suitable way to have sex.


  1. Make use of bubbles

The bubbles can make you happy and provide a lovely smell, soothing you and elevating your mood. The bubbles can softly brush your body, allowing you to experience your body's call, the call of sensuality. All sensitive sections of your body can be massaged gently by the bubbles.


  1. Use waterproof lubricant

If your vagina doesn't produce any fluid when you enter the tub, playing with a toy rose can be uncomfortable and dry. You can moisten it with foam or take advantage of the waterproof properties of the lubricant itself. Apply oil to the clitoris area and gently lick it with a rose-themed toy. 


  1. View Pornographic Movies

You can watch a porn movie, listen to music, immerse yourself in the scene, change your breathing or moan, and then forget it all and let it go. Allow yourself to get immersed in the film's scenes for a more immediate impact. You can also admire yourself while massaging your lovely breasts and pink thigh. To avoid embarrassment, it is better to turn down the volume of porn videos or watch them when no one is home.


  1. listen to music

You can listen to calming music while taking a bath, pretend your dream date is approaching, allow the mood entirely relax, and imagine your partner is in the shower with you.


  1. Use toys together with a showerhead.

Set the shower water to the temperature you like. Open your legs and separate your vaginal lips. Then, put the toy shaped like a rose between your legs and move it around your private area.


If your private part feels warm or wet, use a spray bottle with mist to cool it down. When the rose toy makes you feel good, use the spray to make yourself feel even better and keep switching between the two. This will make you feel really good when you have sex.


  1. Prepare Non-Slip Mats

The warm bathroom can make you feel really good. You might feel really tired after having a surprise orgasm. Be careful when you get out of the hot tub. Making sure you have mats in your bathroom because it helps you avoid slipping and falling.


Rose toy products can help you explore your own body and release tension, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying experience. By experimenting with different types of stimulation, you can discover new ways to experience pleasure and work towards achieving more powerful and enjoyable orgasms. With practice and patience, you can unlock your full orgasmic potential and enjoy the benefits of a more fulfilling sex life.