Misunderstandings of some male sex toys

For many men, often cannot satisfy their physical needs. They can effectively relieve sexual stress, life stress, and benefit physical and mental health by using some physiological tools. With the development of science and technology, the experience of male sex tools has surpassed the experience of real people. Whether it is a young man who wants to try it or an urban mature man who wants to experience multiple stimulations. Male sex toys can meet the needs very well. Let's take a look at the types of male physiological tools.

Sex products include BDSM products, erotic lingerie, vibrating eggs, vibrating devices, delay cups, etc. Refers to some appliances that can help men and women overcome their sexual difficulties by masturbating or loving themselves, and can complete sexual reactions like normal people. But it is not a panacea, it can only help increase the excitability of the sexual organs. The use of sexual products has a long history and is widely used in various cultures. For example, there are such descriptions in ancient Greek and ancient Roman paintings. With the improvement of material and cultural levels, people begin to pursue spiritual pleasure, so sex products are becoming more and more popular and people's concept of sex products has also been greatly improved.

The role of sex tools

People with venereal disease fear can release their sexual desire without contacting the opposite sex.
2. It can provide sexual enjoyment to those who are unconditionally married, who go out for a long time, or who live alone. Avoid prostitution.
3. Those with a strong sexual desire can release excess sexual energy to stabilize the marriage when the sexual spouse cannot be satisfied.
4. Sexual appliances can be used to induce or treat patients with male impotence and female sexual frigidity.
5. One of the husband and wife is sick or disabled and cannot have sex.
6. When the sex life of couples is not satisfied, they can use sexual stimulation and assistance to achieve orgasm.
7, is conducive to improving the quality of life of couples. Those with poor sexual function can achieve orgasm and obtain sexual satisfaction through strong sexual stimulation.
8. Most sexual devices have contraceptive functions. The use of sexual devices can prevent unplanned births and reduce the number of excess births.

Types of male sex tools

Penis Extenders

It has a simulated shape, a top glans design, and an effective growth of 2cm. It can produce maximum friction on the vaginal wall and cervix of the female body so that the female orgasm can be stacked up. At the same time, it can effectively delay the ejaculation time.

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Pussy butt

These products with simulated skin tones are made of simulated polymer materials, which is better than real skin. The narrow and elastic channel on its body and the well-designed internal awn-like structure makes you feel like you can't stop!

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Portable tool

The best masturbation cup was made after much research and analysis, the interior design is very thoughtful. The multi-stage design and arrangement allow you to be carefully stimulated from the front to the back, fully realizing the strongest refreshing feeling for you.

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About misunderstanding

Misunderstanding 1: The user's sexual desire is too strong, and the abnormal state

Sexology experts believe that: in fact, all kinds of people are using it, including very normal people, but you just don't know it. Using adult toys will not make you perverted, it will only bring you better orgasms, and promote the relationship between couples.

Misunderstanding 2: Just to satisfy masturbators

Sexology experts believe that many couples also like to use sex toys together. Being willing to use it together only shows that you are more open and trust each other more, rather than saying that you are wrong.

Misunderstanding 3: Causes partner psychological stress and guilt

Many people have concerns that using adult products will hurt the feelings of their partners. This is understandable. A toy can give you an orgasm, but not a caress, so it's not a substitute for a partner at all. If your lover has this concern, you should communicate with your partner slowly and carefully.

Misunderstanding 4: Using sex toys will hurt the body

Totally incorrect. In fact, sex toys can have positive effects on sexual health. For example, menopausal women can use adult toys to keep their vaginas elastic and avoid urinary incontinence and other ailments. Some doctors also recommend adult toys for women who are not able to orgasm. Using adult toys can improve the sensations of various organs of the body.