The Hottest Toys for the Second Half of 2022

The moment a can is opened, it cools down the entire summer. And summer is close to the end. 

If you're looking for the best sex toys, we've got a fun fact for you. Did you know that the sex toy industry generates nearly £12 billion in annual revenue? According to UK sex toy statistics, around half of people have played with sex toys, while a study by Indiana University found that 50% of women regularly use vibrators.

Looking to improve your sex life and revolutionize your self-care routine? Check out the best vibrators. From reducing stress and improving mood, to better sleep, pain relief, and even glowing skin, masturbation has many benefits.

Keep scrolling for the best guides, following the advice of the pros.

Talk about classic rose

The flower-shaped and cute appearance makes it beautiful and elegant. You can experience the ultimate thrill of oral sex at any time with its seven adjustable rotating airflow and vibrating pulsations. Shop now

Talk about this flower of 2.0

The Rose with and extending G-Spot (or anal) Stimulator! 10 Sucking modes and 10 thrusting/vibrating modes! This Rose has a slightly larger suction for the clitoris providing a more intense experience. This rose is an upgrade of the first one, which has both the sucking and thrusting functions. Shop now

Talk about this flower of 3.0

The function of the traditional rose vibrator has been upgraded. It is a cost-effective choice to meet the needs of tongue licking and thrust functions. Level up your game with the rose toy tongue-licking vibration with the 10 Modes feature. Many customers who purchased Classic Rose choose to repurchase version 3.0. Shop now

Talk about rabbit vibrator

3-in-1 Multifunctional Vibrator - The multifunctional vaginal vibrator with vibration thrust, sucking and heating. It is ergonomically designed. It can not only stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time, but also keep the dildo at human body temperature to enjoy sex in all directions, allowing you to orgasm quickly. Shop now

Talk about wearable vibrator

The wearable vibrator is specially designed for small fun in public places. Just put the vibrator in a thong or underwear, and you can prepare for your game, party, or special night. The top part of this butterfly vibrator will imitate the action of the fingers and seeks the g-spot and other internal pleasure places. Make you experience the dual pleasure and orgasm your partner brings to you with his hands. Shop now

Talk about dildos

6-frequency telescopic swing, 10 frequency vibration, 38 ° heating, magnetic suction charging, breast augmentation material - liquid silicone, magnetic strong shock, human telescopic, slow extraction and insertion, crazy collision, long telescopic, shaking and stretching, stimulating sensitive areas, double enjoyment. Achieve the pleasure you desire! Shop now

Talk about masturbation cup

The masturbation cup has 3 different modes of telescopic, switchable by separate buttons according to your needs or posture. It allows it to be used in any situation. You can focus on stimulating your penis by yourself; or for a fun sharing game, you can show your glans, and let your partner lick it. Shop now 

Talk about prostate massagers

Explore 10 thrilling vibrations and 3 thrusting patterns for satisfaction that suits you. Threaded shaft and realistic glans to seek out prostate stimulation. A vibrating prostate massager with a penis ring can enhance erections and induce a powerful climax. Shop now

Talk about Lubes

Whether you're going solo or having some fun with your partner, our water-based lube lasts the whole night! The slick texture keeps everything moving smoothly without ever becoming sticky or dry.
In addition to unbeatable lubrication, our special blend actually helps the body produce its own hydration. It's great for relieving vaginal dryness or discomfort and is ideal for post-menopausal women. Shop Now