The Right Way To Discuss Sex Toys With Your Partner

Sex is a natural and enjoyable part of the human experience, and incorporating sex toys can enhance everyone's sexual pleasure. However, sometimes one partner may be hesitant or even opposed to the idea of using sex toys in the bedroom. If you find yourself in this situation, don't worry. There are ways to help your partner overcome their reluctance and embrace the use of sex toys. Here are five tips to help you introduce sex toys into your sex life and get your partner on board with the idea.

  1. Be honest.

Avoid beating around the bush or using ambiguous language such as "maybe" or "possibly," as this can create doubt and uncertainty in your partner's mind. Instead, be clear and upfront about your desires and explain to your partner that incorporating sex toys into your sex life is not just about the physical aspect but also about the emotional connection it can create. In fact, using sex toys can lead to better communication and more authentic intimacy between partners. Communication is the foundation of every happy and healthy relationship, so it's essential to be honest and open with your partner about your desires and interests.


  1. Address how empowering sex toys are

Sex toys can be a powerful tool for embracing and celebrating our sexuality, regardless of our gender or sexual identity. They can help us take control of our desires and sexual needs, which can be an empowering experience. When we share this experience with our partner, it can enhance our sexual connection and create a deeper sense of intimacy. However, your partner may not fully understand this until they try using sex toys themselves. By incorporating sex toys into your sex life, you and your partner can explore new ways to pleasure each other and create a more fulfilling sexual experience.


  1. Sex toys can take the pressure off both partners during sex.

Research shows that the majority of women (75% to 80%) cannot achieve orgasm from penetration alone and require clitoral stimulation. Sex toys can help provide this stimulation and alleviate the pressure on both partners to achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. Whether it's a woman who struggles to climax during intercourse or a man who is frustrated that he can't make his partner orgasm, sex toys can help remove the anxiety from the equation. By removing this pressure, both partners can relax and enjoy a more pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience.


  1. Ensure that you both receive pleasure

It's important to recognize that pleasure is a fundamental human right, especially when it comes to sex. Sex is meant to be a full-body experience between two or more people, and anything, including sex toys, that can enhance sexual satisfaction should be included. Incorporating sex toys into your sex life doesn't suggest that one or both partners are lacking in any way. Instead, it acknowledges that humans are sexual beings who deserve to experience pleasure in all its forms.


  1. Point out that sex toys will always keep things spicy

If your partner has never explored the world of sex toys, now is the perfect time to introduce them. Sex toys have undergone significant advancements in the last decade, making them more advanced and in tune with the human body than ever before. With so many innovative sex toys to choose from, it's highly unlikely that a couple would ever get bored with their sex life. The variety and novelty of sex toys can keep things exciting and spicy in the bedroom, which should be a big selling point for any partner who's still hesitant about using them.