Vitamins to Naturally Increase Female Lubrication

Although no woman wants it, vaginal dryness continues to be the number one enemy of sexual pleasure and genital health. Despite this, it still affects practically everyone. Menopause is the most prevalent reason for the absence of natural lubrication, but there are other reasons as well.

Strong hormonal abnormalities are frequently associated with vaginal dryness. It might therefore appear before or after the menstrual cycle due to changes in the body. However, the lack of natural lubrication is not just caused by these hormonal imbalances.

There are various other causes of vaginal dryness, some of which are more severe than others, including hormonal abnormalities and a drop in estrogen levels in the body.

Stress and psychological factors: Stress can have major health effects, especially on libido and vaginal health, despite the fact that it is typically handled superficially. Anxiety and other psychological issues can also lessen natural lubrication and, consequently, sexual desire.

The only approach to prevent vaginal dryness is through frequent vaginal PH and microbiota testing. Prevention is always the best course of action. These vitamins and natural supplements, however, might be a good option for treating this problem if you don't take advantage of the window of opportunity for prevention.

Even so, before ingesting any vitamins or supplements, we advise speaking with a gynecologist.

Vitamin A

The formation of the mucous membrane requires vitamin A. Additionally, it encourages collagen synthesis, which enhances cells' capacity to create lubricant. Although vitamin A has many clear advantages, excessive use might cause liver issues. As a result, it is crucial to follow the directions for use and seek medical advice.

Vitamin E

By functioning as an antioxidant, vitamin E can combat disease. Vitamin E-containing suppositories have been shown in studies to help with vaginal dryness. Up until now, only suppositories have been used to illustrate the benefits of vitamin E.