What is a penis ring?

A penis ring is a sex toy that is made of rubber and is a hollow elastic ring. The method of use is similar to that of condoms, which are directly attached to the male genitals. The penis ring borrows the ancient sheep's eye ring, and its inner diameter is slightly smaller than the size of the base of the penis. Because of its elasticity, it can be easily placed on the base of the penis, which can tighten the penis, prolong the sex time, help treat impotence and premature ejaculation, enlarge the penis, etc.

What is the function of the penis ring?

As a sex toy, cock rings can make sex more harmonious, and some men use cock rings to increase intercourse time. The main functions of the penis ring are as follows:

1. Extend the sex time
The penis ring is made according to the principles of medical bionics, which can provide users with functions such as massage and vibration, help to increase blood flow inside the penis, and stimulate multiple sensitive parts. However, it should be noted that each use time should not be too long. Otherwise, it will affect the health of reproductive organs and may cause mechanical damage.

2. Improve the quality of sexual life
The penis ring can reduce the sensitivity of the glans, improve the erection of the penis and maintain the erection state. There may be some differences in the specific efficacy, which can better stimulate the female reproductive organs and make sex life more satisfying.

3. How to use a penis ring
The use of the penis ring is not difficult. It can be placed on the coronal groove and the root of the penis. When using it, pay attention to the following:

3.1 Wear with lubricant
In general, the penis ring size is smaller than the base of the penis, so first, stretch the ring to about the size of the penis. It is recommended to use lube and condoms before wearing and finally wearing the penis ring. This is the most comfortable way to wear it.

3.2 Wear it when it is slightly hard
Wear it when you are slightly erect, it will be easier to put it on.

3.3 Find the right posture
Usually, using the penis ring will make the penis bigger and harder, you should find a comfortable position at this time. Let her cooperate with you when necessary. At the same time, you can also take this opportunity to experience poses that you have never tried before.

3.4 Pay attention to cleaning the lock ring
Be sure to wash it off with a sanitizer or other cleaning product before and after use.

3.5 Reasonable control of time
Although it can prolong intercourse, it can cause serious damage to the penis when used for too long. So try not to exceed 40 minutes. Twice a week is enough.

3.6 Ask your partner's opinion before using
Both people like it to get the most out of the penis ring and achieve the ideal orgasm.

Through the above explanation, do you have a certain understanding of the penis ring? If you want to know more styles, you can click here to watch.Learn more