Who says nipple play is only for women?

Men may not have breasts, but they definitely have nipples. However, for some reason, they just don't have the same cachet as women. Unfortunately, very few studies have been published on Nipple Play, especially in men.

The research that has been done (the most revealing dating back to 2006) compared 59% of women and found that only 17% of men have their nipple play during sex. Men appear to be at a disadvantage considering that 52% of men and 82% of women say nipple stimulation is sexually arousing. The study also noted that 78% of women and 40% of men agreed that nipple stimulation increases sexual arousal. Only 7% of men and women hold the opposite view. So what's wrong with male nipples? Nothing at all. This ignorance basically arises from the lack of proper education.

Nipples are overly feminine. "Many men choose not to delve into the nipple play because they think it means something to their masculinity." Women are taught that the nipple is an erogenous zone because their breasts are more directly related to their sexual development. On the other hand, men are told nothing.

This difference in how we educate the male sexual body is a big reason why male nipples are neglected. We need more male nipple play represented by sex education and pop culture depictions of sexual stimulation.

Male and female nipples are anatomically similar because they both have milk ducts, and both types of breasts contain mammary tissue. The difference is that the neural network of male nipples is denser, which means that sensory responses to stimuli are generally more cautious. Male nipples are no less sensitive to stimulation than female nipples.

At this point, you’re probably curious exactly how you should go about participating in said nipple play. Lucky for you, we can gracious enough to share all of the tried-and-tested techniques, allowing you to experience all the pleasures the nipple has to offer.

Best Hand Tips for Male Nipple Stimulation

  1. Light Finger Strokes: “Using the tip of the index or middle finger, slowly stroke the nipple lightly in a circular motion. Use the tip of the finger to apply quick, light strokes after circling.”
  2. Chest Slaps: “Flatten your hand and slap his nipples quickly with the tips of your fingers.”
  3. Finger Rolls: “Place the nipple between the thumb and index finger and roll the nipple back and forth between the fingers using light pressure. Increase the pressure once he gives the okay to do so.”
  4. Nipple Pinch: “Place his nipple in between your thumb and index finger and apply hard pressure squeezing his nipple between your fingers.”
  5. Nipple Twist: “Place his nipple in between your index and thumb finger and twist it in one direction, then the other.”
  6. Nipple Flick: “Flick his nipples with the nail of your index finger.”

Best Oral Tips for Male Nipple Stimulation

  1. Tip Circles: “Use the tip of the tongue to circle around his nipple.”
  2. Tongue Stroke: “Use a flattened tongue to stroke across his nipples using the tastebuds of the middle pallet to add texture.”
  3. Tongue Flick: “Use the tip of the tongue to quickly flick at his nipple.”
  4. Nipple Nibble: “Place his nipple between your front teeth and nipple it lightly.”
  5. Nipple Bite: “Place his nipple between your front teeth and bite down while increasing the pressure as you sink your teeth into his flesh.”
  6. Lip Strokes: “Use the wet, fleshy insides of your lips to grab and stroke at his nipples repeatedly.”
  7. Grab and lick: “Grab his nipple with your index and thumb fingers, pull his nipple away from his body a bit and use the tip of your tongue to flick quickly.”
  8. Sucker Fish: “Make duck lips and place them around his nipple to create a suction to pull at his nipples using your mouth.”

Other Tips for male nipple stimulation

Food and Nips: “Use whipped cream or your favorite topping to drizzle onto his nipples and lick him clean.”
Ice Stroke: “Place an ice cube in your fingertips and circle his nipple. As the ice melts, lick up the extra water using your tongue making sure to stroke his nipple with your tongue in the process.”
Wax Play: “Drip candle wax intended for wax play onto his nipples. Make sure you use your safe words.”