Why Rose Toys Went Viral On The Internet? What Is The Rose Sex Toy?

What is the rose sex toy?

This sex toy is named for its rose-like shape. It looks more like a rosebud than a sex toy, so it won't attract unsolicited attention. Rose sex toys work similarly to suction sex toys but have more attractive visual and functional features. However, unlike a typical vibrator, the Rose Toy is a multifunctional sex toy that stimulates different erogenous zones of the body at the same time.

It's about 7cm tall and looks like a stemless rose with a hole in the middle of the petals that wrap around your clitoris or nipple and suck. It's made from ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone, it's comfortable to hold and it charges using a magnetic USB, so there's no bumpy wire port to distract you.

Jessica Cline, LCSW, Ph.D., a board-certified sexologist says this rose-shaped sex toy is perfect for anyone who wants to be "cute and less explicit".

The toy is made of medical silicone material that is harmless to the human body and tasteless. The clit-sucking vibrator has been critically acclaimed since its debut, and now there's an updated Rose toy with even more new settings and upgrades to explore.

What the experts say.

A fan of Rose Toys, Cline said she "absolutely loves" its popularity on TikTok "because it brings more fun sex games into people's lives." After all, masturbation has many benefits.

"I have a rose and I love it," Howard said. However, the key is to be clear about what kind of experience you want to have with this sex toy. "Are you trying to have a longer pleasure session over a shorter one?" she asked. "Are you going to use it with a partner or by yourself?"

Here's why it's important to adjust your expectations: "The rose is so powerful, it shortens the amount of solo pleasure session because it can make you orgasm almost instantly."

Additionally, She notes that rose toys definitely won't wine and dine you — it's more of a "wham bam, thank you, ma'am" kind of event. It's okay, "as long as that's what you want to do."

The best rose sexy toys.
We pick the best rose sex toys for you

What is the rose sex toy actually like?

We were pleased to try the-rosetoy Clitoral Suction Stimulator, but we have good evidence that all rose sex toys perform equally.

Firstly, the nitty gritty. The toy we tested had many useful features we loved:

MULTIPLE MASSAGE MODES – Whoever said variety was the spice of life wasn’t kidding. Different models of rose vibrators have different frequencies of vibration – Whatever, more than enough to take you from warm-up to blow-up and everywhere in between.

COMFORTABLE – It is designed to be ergonomic, and still easy to hold during solo or partnered sex – we recommend spooning or the chairman.

MUTE – While no vibrator is totally silent, this was relatively quiet and won’t alert your upstairs neighbors. It will not make you embarrassed that people outside will find out when you are using it in the room.

WORKING TIME – Fully charged, this thing can go for 65 minutes. Trust me, you don't need that long.

Magnetic charging – The rose sex toy charges quickly using magnetic USB ports, so there are no obtrusions to spoil your playtime.

WATERPROOF – IPX7 waterproof, as mentioned, the rose toy is completely waterproof, so suitable for all your rub-a-dub adventures.

The combination of airwaves and pulsations is genuinely mind-blowing, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you were at the mercy of some oral wizard. Of course, if you’re a gal who needs a bit of g-spot action too, you’d need a vibrator with thrusting or one that delivers both clit and g-spot stimulation, like a rose sucking vibrator with thrusting features.

Rest assured, we can safely say we are as addicted as any other TikTok user – for something seemingly unpretentious, Rose Toys really delivers. From now on, when we say bring me flowers, this is what we mean.

How do you use the rose sex toy?

Fully charged and ready to rock? Get the most out of your rose toy by following these easy steps.

  • As with any sex toy, clean it with a mild antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner before and after use.
  • Any piercings or jewelry in the genital area are removed.
  • Get comfy and apply lube to the toy, yourself or both! We recommend Water-based lube because avoids damage to sex toys.
  • Open the labia slightly to expose the clitoris and surround it with the head of the toy. Use light pressure to maintain a tight seal.
  • Explore the different settings and enjoy!


While growing in popularity, the rose toy still promises to be a favorite sex toy and bedroom sensation for couples who spice up their sex lives.