Ben Wa Progressive Kegel Balls Kit

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  • ✅INNOVATIVE 6 WEIGHT PROGRESSIVE SYSTEM: Training your pelvic floor muscles is just like training any other muscle: progression and an adaptive system is required to see results. Having 6 weights rather than just 4, our kegal weight set is designed to keep your routine challenging and thus make your muscles continually stronger. Four weights simply are not enough to stimulate your muscles in order to experience progressive and significant gains in strength and tightness.
  • ✅REMOTE CONTROLLED KEGEL: One of the biggest challenges’ women face when it comes to kegel weights, is targeting the correct muscles. With our vibrating kegel weight, the muscles are stimulated and you can really identify and feel which muscles you should be targeting. 7 different exercise settings to maximize muscle stimulation and contraction (charges via USB). The vibrations also cause the muscles to continually tighten around the weight, thus making it a great compliment for training.
  • ✅DESIGNED BY PERSONAL TRAINERS & THERAPISTS: your pelvic floor muscles is as much of a progressive process as training any other muscle (start light and progressively increase). With this in mind, we created a unique system which applies the same principles used in the gym; progressive loading. Without this, (aka proper stimulus) muscles do not grow or strengthen. No matter how much time you dedicate, if you are not continually challenging the muscle, you will not see results.
  • ✅DISCRETE & PREMIUM MEDICAL GRADE SILICON QUALITY: Our discretely packaged kegel weight set is made with medical grade materials and is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Simply make sure to wash after every use (a soft bar soap is recommended) and make sure to dry thoroughly and store in a cool dry space.
  • ✅BEST CHOICE FOR NEW MOMS: Pregnancy is difficult enough; let us help you with our doctor/physician recommended set to tighten your body back to pre-pregnancy days. Our set provides easy to understand instructions and is customizable for all woman to fit their specific needs. We help you take the guess work out of creating a truly beneficial routine (rather than just a repetitive monotonous dead-end one) and guarantee the results you deserve so long as you put in the effort.


Paragon Physique is in the market for woman's health products and offers a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures. Our goal is to help woman regain their confidence and transform their bodies. Our system is unique in that it was created by a field expert in muscular development. The pelvic floor muscle is no different from any other muscle in your body in that it requires the proper stimulus, engagement and repetition structure to develop.

Our system starts you out at a comfortable weight and progressively moves you toward challenging and more stimulating routines. This is like having a personal trainer every step of the way with you to coach you and support you. Our support team is also available to answer any questions you may have for the life-time of your product.




  • 15 MINUTE ROUTINE: Watch your pelvic floor muscles get stronger everyday! (It is important to perform the routine daily for best results)
  • GUIDED PROGRESSIVE STRUCTURE: Your muscles will continuously be challenged and you will never fall into a rut.
  • PERSONALIZED APPROACH: Our system takes you into consideration and keeps the routine challenging yet manageable.




  • SUPPLEMENT YOUR ROUTINE: Supplement your routine with 10-15 minutes of the Kegel Weight Exerciser AFTER the regular routine.
  • MASSAGE/RELAX: You will relieve stress and have a good time. Can be used in the shower or bath (remote control is NOT water proof).
  • 7 TRAINING MODES: Choose the one that is most comfortable for you: the higher the setting, the faster and more intense the vibrations.




  1. Prevent constant accidental pee leaks from getting in the way of your day-to-day activities. Do what you love with no worry!
  2. Recover your body from birth-giving and retighten your area down there to before your child's birth.
  3. Increase your confidence by being comfortable with your body and knowing that you are in control.
  4. Prevent further damage or "loosening" of your pelvic floor muscles and even reverse prior damage.
  5. Spice things up in the bedroom with your partner and add a little spark of fun in your love life.
  • NO matter your age, you can always do something about these delicate issues.
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