Male Chastity Lock Chastity Belt Iron Underwear

Specification:  Chastity Lock
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Sharp Weapon: Sharp Weapon(N)
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Product detail

【Specifications】 waist adjustable range of 60cm-118cm, the net weight of this product is about 1200g

(Note: the size of the goods due to different measurement methods, measuring instruments, etc. will have a small error, generally ± 2 mm error is normal, not a quality problem or size description does not match)



Do you want to give up your freedom to others when it comes to sex and orgasm?

Surrendering to a dominant is a fetish that can only be fully understood in a BDSM relationship. They know it is a thrill that can provide a satisfying experience, which is why they always look forward to the next session.

Taming your sexual urges is like capturing a wild animal in the city and keeping it in a cage for a while, then releasing it when they are brought back to their natural habitat. When the caged beast is released back home, its natural instincts will help them survive on their own. When your dominant master unlocks your chastity device, you are freed from captivity so you can finally give in to your sexual urges.

Your dominant power forces you to wear a chastity belt to instill discipline and to help you understand who is in charge.

Only when you do it right will you be ready for more punishment, as each session becomes more sexually satisfying.

With our male chastity belts, you have the perfect device to help you train yourself to be valuable in the eyes of your master.


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