10 Frequency Vibrating Breast Pump Breast Stimulator Nipple Sucker Cup

Size:  Breast Ticking Mimi Massager
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Soft and safe material
Material: TPE
Powered by: USB charging
Vibration mode: 10 modes of vibration
Function: Breast massage
Voice: Less than 45 decibels


1. Vibrating microphone, multi-frequency peristalsis, nipple silicone, 360° kneading, powerful motor;

2. Lactation massager, 360°wrapped tightly and pressed the mimi, anti-milk shape, zero gap suction;

3.29 milk brushes 360° shaking and crisp licking, microphone disc diameter 80mm, light and thin absorption, strong adhesion and peristalsis, 612 motor climax engine knead the areola and strong vibration;

4. Six-fold different frequency alternating peristalsis, multi-frequency omni-directional stimulation to rub the breast, with motor vibration, necessary for breast shaping;

5. Skin-friendly silicone ROSH certified TPE material, flexible Q bomb,

6. ≤45dB low sound vibration, USB charging, whole body waterproof

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