Sucking Jump Egg Female Masturbation

Specification:  Lemon Yellow
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2022 excitement gift in the industry's first LED starry sky mode! What is it? Cake? Soap? Or bath salts? No, the answer is a sex toy! Don't believe it? If you are buying sex toys for the first time, you can be full of mind with tension and embarrassing. In order to eliminate this feeling, it is designed to be a sex toy that will not be seen at all. Who sees it "What is this? With a design that makes you feel like a cute star, it completely breaks the eroticism of adult goods. Sucking: Since it is a type that can be used outside of the body, it is recommended for beginners who want to try sex toys but it is a little resistant to putting them into their body. Not only can it be used for yourself, but it is also recommended as a Christmas or New Year present or birthday present.

 It has 10 suction levels and 10 vibration forces, and is an amazing number. It stimulates sensitive points with such many types and allows you to experience different pleasure depending on the clitoris, ears, and nipples

Equipped with LED Starry Sky Mode: Women have studies that they are more likely to get more satisfying than the light or dark environment. That's why we were inspired by the starry sky and created the only LED starry sky mode. When you turn on the starry sky mode, you can put yourself under the glittering romantic starry sky, and suck while looking at the starry sky. The dreamy starry sky amplifies the desire and allows you to reach Eden of pleasure

Double dustproof: There are many kinds of suction products in the market, but there was no dust function on the suction mouth. The suction mouth is easy to attract dust, and if the part is directly exposed to the body, it is unhygienic. Sucking: A portion of the star acts as a suction lid and acts as a dust-proof function. In addition, it comes with a dust-proof case, so it is not only beautiful but also hygienic

Wireless Charging + Good Waterproof Functionality: The dustproof case not only prevents dust, but also absorbs it after use; You can charge it wirelessly by inserting it into a charging case. No more struggling to find a charging cable Sucking: The main body is not equipped with a charging port and is covered with high quality silicone, making it more waterproof than other products that are prone to defective due to water intrusion

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