10 masturbation moves to try in the shower

You take a shower every day. Bathing improves heart health, balances hormones and relaxes you - why not take advantage of all that nude time and masturbate in the shower? Yes, you heard me: shower masturbation.

But like regular old shower sex, bath masturbation can feel awkward at first: You have to find the right angle, find your favorite toy, and so on. Don't worry, it's worth it. Shower masturbation is the best way to keep your alone time undisturbed, and making a mess is legal.

To get you started, here are some super sexy ideas to help you freshen up in the shower.

1. Turn the lights down low

Whether you're having traditional sex or masturbating, it can help regulate your mood, as can masturbation in the shower. If your bathroom has those not-so-sexy overhead lights, try lighting a few candles or just one lamp for a little more romance. you deserved.

2. Take a seat

Just like during sex, it helps to change positions. While some women find standing an interesting combination, orgasm may be better achieved from a more relaxed sitting position. Try sitting on the bottom of the tub or on one side of the tub. Hey, there's no wrong way to masturbate.

3. Read a sexy story

No, you can't take your laptop to the shower, but you can go old school with your erotica. "Before you jump in the shower, print out a sexy story, or grab a bestseller," says O'Reilly (you can hold it outside the shower). "When the mood strikes, you can put down the book and let your fingers and fantasies go."

4. Play with the water temperature

Heard of the temperature game? Try it in the shower. "Take a hot shower and stroke yourself while pressing your front side against a cold wall," says Astroglide resident sexologist Jessica O'Reilly, Ph.D. "Let your clitoris respond to the sensation of a cool wall and hot water in turn."

5. Get your grind on

"Sit with your back against the side of the tub and apply silicone lube to your hands," advises O'Reilly. 'Use a little more than usual because you don't have to worry about making a mess. Press all five fingers along the length of your lips, then pull up an inch or two, then slide down again. Press your hips into your hands and let your fingers increase the speed of the grind as your arousal improves.

6. Invest in a suction dildo

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This is a shower toy that has a suction cup on the back of it that you can attach to the wall or the surface of the tub. 'You can adjust the angle, height, and, of course, the rhythm and depth to suit your needs,' says O'Reilly.

7. Two words: waterproof vibrator

Speaking of toys you can take in the shower, O'Reilly recommends the Rose Flower Toy which has a slightly larger suction for the clitoris providing a more intense experience.

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8. Try the 'thumbs up'

'Slather your thumb in silicone lube, and twirl it inside of you as the water streams down over your nipples and clitoris,' says O'Reilly. 'The shallow penetration may be exactly what your body needs to take it over the top.'

9. Do your kegels

O'Reilly says some women find that simply flexing their pelvic floor muscles for a minute or two improves circulation and gives them more energy. "If you find your body aroused by this sexual movement, allow your mind to follow it into escapist fantasies," she says.

10. Try taking a bath

The only thing hotter than shower masturbation? Bath masturbation. If you’re the type who really needs to relax in order to get in the mood, a bath might be just what you need to take your O to the next level. Just lock the door.